Our Mission as a Non-Profit

The Tony Huml Foundation is a non-profit created in honor of the late Tony Huml. 

Our Mission is to develop youth who struggle with mental health issues to understand the illness and receive quality care/treatment for free.

CTG Hoops was founded by Tony, so it’s only right that CTG is the one to found the foundation. CTG Hoops is the number one basketball training company in Wisconsin.

This foundation’s main focus targets three main components:

-Mental Health Support (Getting Rid of the Stigma)
-Cancer Support (The Mental Aspect – It’s Effect on Family Members and Friends)

These two focuses were all core values of Tony Huml.

We will be releasing a 2.0 LiveLikeTony T-shirt to raise funding for this foundation.

The Tony Huml Foundation Logo and colors are based around two ribbons:

-Thyroid Cancer
-Mental Health

That is how we incorporated the specific colors for each logo of CTG. I love what the picture above encapsulates. All of this was started by Tony. His foundation in the middle, with every color from the foundation surrounding the CTG logos.

It’s beautiful.

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