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What is The Tony Huml Foundation?

The Tony Huml Foundation is a non-profit organization created in honor of the late Tony Huml, who originally founded Close the Gate Hoops (CTG), the number one basketball training company in Wisconsin.  Those who knew Tony were likely aware of his love for the game of basketball, as well as his valiant battle with cancer; however, it’s unlikely that many were aware of Tony’s battle with mental illness.

Below is a radio recording explanation of The Tony Huml Foundation. If you would rather listen than read, check it out! 

Tony suffered from debilitating bouts of depression, but fortunately, he had access to treatment through health insurance, and he had a supportive network of family members, friends and colleagues surrounding him.  Sadly, not everyone has access to health insurance. Often times, even with insurance coverage, there’s still a large co-pay that can be prohibitive for patients needing help.

Since Tony Huml was the founder of CTG, it seemed fitting that our company create this non-profit branch, The Tony Huml Foundation, with a mission to develop youth who struggle with mental health issues to understand the illness and to receive quality care/treatment regardless of ability to pay.

Through our work, we would like to focus on eradicating the stigma associated with mental illness, which arises due to a lack of understanding, and at times, pure ignorance. Imagine if people were as vocal about getting treatment for mental illness as they are about getting treatment for cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s… Well, that time has come!  Our goal is to educate as many people as possible in order to get rid of the negative attitudes toward mental illness and the prejudice against those who suffer from it.

In addition, we would also like to offer support and guidance to those who have struggled with mental illness as a result of cancer. This dreaded disease can trigger and/or exacerbate struggles with mental illness for a patient who has been diagnosed with cancer, for a loved-one or friend of someone diagnosed with cancer, or for someone who has lost a loved-one or friend due to cancer. There is absolutely no reason to suffer in silence.

Our initial fundraiser has kicked-off with the sale of 2.0 Live Like Tony shirts. The Tony Huml Foundation Logo colors are borrowed from two awareness ribbons:

  • Thyroid cancer (which eventually took Tony Huml’s life) ~ purple, teal and pink
  • Mental health ~ green

Together, these colors create an incredible vibrancy, which beautifully symbolizes the verve, the enthusiasm and the determination behind those committed to achieving our goals.

Please place an order for your favorite t-shirt and/or sweatshirt, and all proceeds will go toward providing financial assistance and education for youth struggling with mental illness and squashing the stigma surrounding it! If a product is SOLD OUT, please place your order regardless by contacting us through We will be replenishing stock, as needed.

Just know, it’s okay to feel off mentally. It’s okay not to feel good all the time. It’s okay to need help and to need someone to listen. Everyone goes through their share of struggles. Please reach out… We are here to help!

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